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Our Bus Road Trip Packing Lists

Megabus has more comfortable seats than others, in my opinion.  But it’s still a bus, so here are a few things to bring to add to our comfort on the 4-hour ride.  Here are a few items to bring along and make the ride better.

  • Comfortable Clothes–You can be stylish, and comfortable at the same time if youpick and choose your traveling outfits well. Modern buses have great inside climate controls but the temperature tilts toward the cooler side. However, everyone is different – some get cold easily, and other get hot. You know what your tendencies are. Plan accordingly and dress in layers. A pashmina works well as a wrap.
  • Pillow– It’s nice to bring your own. Regular, neck or back pillow—all can enhance your comfort.  After a couple of hundred miles, you’ll be glad you had one.
  • IPad, Tablet, Smart Phone, Laptop Computer–Buses now have free wi-fi access, but onboard movie streaming is usually not possible due to band width.  However, you can download movies in advance, live stream things you want to see, listen to music, or surf the net, or hear audio books from your bus seat. Remember to bring your charger!
  • Books, Magazines & Newspapers – Always a plus to have along with the ride.
  • Puzzles & Games – If you like to do crosswords, Sudoku, or other word and number games, add them to your travel bag. Remember the pen or pencil (with eraser) or a deck of cards.

Travel Snacks.  Interstate bus trips have planned stops every few hours between the start and end, but they may not be on your legs of the trip. So, between stops, many travelers like to bring a variety of their favorite things to snack on.

  • Hearty Food –something that will be good cold and not necessitate refrigeration. You can use ice packs, but remember, after they are thawed you will still have to lug them around for the remainder of your trip.
  • Healthy Food – Veggies, whole fruit, fruit chunks, dried fruit, boxes of raisins, etc. They are easy to eat and keep well for a few days. Granola bars or a bag of nuts are other healthy alternatives are easy to carry.
  • Fun Food – Chips, candy, cookies and other fun snacks!

Travel Bag

This is not a long or overnight trip but pack a few “just in case” items.  As I said, you never know what might happen.

  • Rainwear– Prepare for the unexpected inclement weather with some lightweight rainwear.
  • Light Jacket– Even if the temperature is warm, in some places the wind could kick up and create a chill, or the evening air cools down – and a jacket might be needed.
  • Travel Toiletries and Medication – Anything can happen. Bus breakdown, late arrival. A 4-hour ride could end up taking twice as long. You know what to bring – that’s the easy part. The difficult part is not forgetting something. At least with these items, you can pick the missing thing up along the way – but you might have to pay tourist prices depending on where your trip takes you! A good rule of thumb is to take enough medication for two days.

Solar Eclipse Viewing Packing List

Your eclipse safety equipment: Remember, the only time you can look at the eclipse without one of these devices is during totality (when the sun is completely obscured by the moon).

  • Pack at least one of the following per person:
    • Certified eclipse glasses (and extras)  Make sure your glasses do not have any creases or damage. If they do, replace immediately with a spare pair.
    • Pinhole projector or pinhole camera with additional materials
    • Safe solar filters
    • Solar viewing cards
    • Other eclipse devices approved by the American Astronomical Society
  • Paper maps and driving directions  Yes, I know you’ve got GPS, but if you head out in the country you’ll either cross an area or be within an area without cell service. Go old school and print out your driving directions and a map of your eclipse-watch site to supplement your car or phone navigation system.  Print out paper maps and driving directions for your contingency location in case your initial location doesn’t pan out.
  • Folding chairs or a picnic blanket
  • Sunscreen
  • Bug repellant
  • First aid kit
  • Food and drinks
  • Extra batteries for any additional equipment
  • If you’re camping, also pack:
    • Tent
    • Sleeping bags

Photography packing list

I am going to take photos and videos with my cell phone to commemorate the occasion.  I’ve got:

  • Cell phone camera mount
  • Power sources
  • Samsung Galaxy Note 5
  • Tripod
  • 18x Telephoto Lens for cell phone
  • Solar filter.  Your camera and cell phone lenses need solar filters too. I made one by using the lens from a pair of solar glasses, cut to the shape of the telephoto lens, and taping.  You can also make one for the cell phone.  Just tape it to the camera lens.

  • Remote control release
  • If you’re photographing the eclipse, also pack:
    • Telescopes
    • Eyepieces
    • Mounts
    • Power sources
    • Binoculars
    • Cameras
    • GoPro (optional)



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