5 Best Spots to See the Next Solar Eclipse in Lake George, NY

Early risers, you’re in for a treat! The next solar eclipse will be on display for you. At sunrise on the morning of June 10, people living in and around Lake George, the northern Great Lakes, across New York state, New England, and southeast Canada can treat themselves to one of the most unusual sights in the early morning skies.

‘Ring of Fire ‘

If you’re fortunate you’ll see the “ring of fire” rising from the horizon. Better yet, you could see the partial eclipse that resembles red “devil’s horns.”

During an annular eclipse, the Moon is too far away to completely cover the Sun. 

Lake George and the southern Adirondacks are in the 70% belt, so you’ll  see a partial solar eclipse, when the Moon blocks only part of the Sun’s disk.

Get there early

It actually starts at 4:38:12 am. The full eclipse will begin at 5:13:41 a.m. EDT and last for 3 minutes and 51 seconds, leaving a small window of time to see the elusive ring of fire.  The entire eclipse will last for about 100 minutes.

It will be the first of three solar eclipses that kick-off a whopping three in four years that culminates in the “Great North American Eclipse” of April 8, 2024.

Eclipse Safety

Never look directly at the sun during an eclipse. Solar eclipse glasses must be worn at all times during an annular or partial solar eclipse to avoid the threat of blindness. Read more solar eclipse safety tips here.

Where is the best view in Lake George?

Roger’s Park or Veteran’s Beach in Bolton Landing

These are two great public beaches for watching the sunrise. It has a long dock and benches facing east, perfect for watching the sunrise at Roger’s Park in Bolton Landing. Come early for the sunrise, grab breakfast, and then spend the day at the beach!

If you have gear for hiking in the dark, take a hike on one of the mountains on the west side. The Pinnacle in Bolton Landing is an easy hike. Cat Mountain in Bolton Landing is a little longer of a hike but also has great views.

Prospect Mountain 

The west side of Prospect Mountain has one of the best views of sunrise over Lake George. It’s a short 3-mile hike to the top and the trailhead is right in Lake George Village.  When you get there, the top provides a 100-mile view on a clear day and is perfect for sunrises.  Don’t forget to take nightime hiking safety gear for the climb.

The Fort William Henry Hotel and Conference Center is a great place to stay overnight before you head out to the lake or mountains to see it.

The Pinnacle in Bolton Landing is an easy hike. Cat Mountain in Bolton Landing is a little longer of a hike but also has great views.

Lakeside Lodging on the West Shore.  

There are many hotels and resorts on the west shore of Lake George with lakeside rooms and private balconies from which you can watch the sunrise.

Island Campsites

Get up early, start your campfire, and enjoy the picturesque and unique vantage point of watching the sunrise from the lake.  Southeast of Dome Island and the east side of Clay Island are especially nice.

Watch the Eclipse from the Lake

If you have a boat or rent a boat, watching the sunrise from the lake is beautiful. 

Lakeside Hotels and Resorts 

There are many resorts on the west side of Lake George that are lakeside and offer beautiful lake views at their private beaches. Reserve a lakeview room to view the eclipse from your window or deck/ balcony.

Here’s a map of more hikes: https://lakegeorgechamber.com/attractions/outdoors/

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